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40 Years Celebration


Muscat - Yahya Construction, a member of Yahya Group Holding, celebrated its 40th anniversary. 

Service awards were given to 63 loyal staff members who completed 15 to 40 years with the company. Chairman Yahya Mohammed Nasib spoke about the early days and history of the company and managing director Naseeb Yahya Nasib talked about the future and how the strength of the company originates from its leadership and loyal employees. Directors Natasha Yahya Nasib and Nashia Yahya Nasib were on hand to personally congratulate and award the employees celebrating service anniversaries.

Yahya Construction, previously called Yahya Costain, has undertaken many prestigious projects in the Sultanate of Oman. Their corporate roots coincide with Oman’s renaissance period and have continuously met the demands of the changing eras. Yahya Construction also has a joinery division, which provides its expertise to landmarks such as the Royal Opera House Muscat as well as many other significant buildings. Some of the joinery’s skilled craftsmen are second-generation employees of Yahya Construction.

"We are proud to be working in Oman under His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. We all thank him for presenting us the opportunity to expand, grow and realise our potential," said Tajamal Jami, senior general manager. "Personally I am very proud to be working so long (over 30 years) for the Nasib family; their support and dedication to the company has allowed us to be successful," Jami said.